K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 12/08/18

It is a relief to see less than 40 music videos this week, as this week clocks in at 38 after multiple weeks of 50+ and 60+ videos. We have comebacks from LABOUM, Junoflo, Hong Jin Young, G2, GOT7, BTOB and more! It’s also closer to Christmas, so the holiday songs are beginning to arrive this week. Lesser known artists to check out are SURL, Rira, WELL, and  O.O.O.

Full Playlist


LABOUM “Turn It On”


Junoflo Feat. BoA “Autopilot”


Hong Jin Young Feat. “Seoul”


SKOLOR Feat. MonyHorse “Important”


The Solutions “Mood For Love”


H M Moon “The Poet’s Winter”


Younghertz “SS”


NAVI “빈집”


GOT7 “Miracle”


Holmes Crew “Holmes Delivery”


Postino “Dosolemio”


One Bottle “오월, 화 (嗚月, 華)”


O.O.O “SeeSaw”


O.O.O “Darkroom”


Shin Dongjin “Promise”


EZEN “Fly Away”


ONEW “Blue”


Starship Planet 2018 “Christmas Time”


Jung Key Feat. Minseo “Honest”


Jung Key Feat. Yook SungJae “Stay With me”


Minyoung “I can’t do that one thing”


G2 Feat. Rekstizzy “ChakhaeBoyz”


G2 “Alive”




루리다 “I Love Myself”


SURL “The Lights Behind You”


SURL “Snow”


UP10TION “Blue Rose”


SORAN “Happy”


OVAN “Happiness”


WELL Feat. Wheesung “Settle”


WELL Feat. Simon Dominic “6 O’Clock”


Rira “Love Spoon”


Coogie Feat. Jay Park “Justin Bieber”


Kim Dong Ryul Feat. IU “Fairy Tale”


BEN “180”


Keith Ape “My Wrist Clearer Than Water!”


AM:MODE “그냥 그렇게 있었다”