K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 12/05/20

BEN "Lonely night" MV

It’s now December, and it’s getting too damn cold. I know its not the coldest near me, but anything about 50F please. If you are like me, cuddle up in a blanket, and take some time to enjoy the great music I have found for you this week! 25 music videos this week featuring BoA, GOT7, KAI, ENHYPEN, ONEUS, and more. Lesser known artists to check out are JUNE, Luci Gang, FishinGirls, and kayla.

Full Playlist




BAE173 “Every little thing is you”


Choi Ye-geun Feat. JUNE “Stay Up”


KAI “Mmmh”


kayla “I Need You”


ENHYPEN “Given-Taken”


FishinGirls “낚시왕”




DAHEE “아무 걱정 하지마”


Boram “그렇게 여기 있을게”


Park So Yeon “Flower”




GXXD Feat. MOON, Blase “춤사위”


BoA “Better”




BEN “Lonely night”


jojo “Let Me”


Pursean “Hash Tag”


Kim Areum “Starry Night”




Gavy NJ “Last Christmas”


JUNE “10cm”


Jang HeeWon “Surfing on your mind”


PUP “기적아 내 곁에”


Lee hye “Erase you”