K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 11/04/17

Seriously, this week has been pretty much me listening to TWICE almost non-stop. The only thing keeping me from doing so are some of the other great releases this week. My queen Minah is back, and if anyone knows me, she is one my favorites. If you haven’t seen the Korean drama Beautiful Gong Shim, do it NOW!  Anyway back to music, so check out the 30+ videos this week that also include new music from VAV, Eddy Kim, ODD EYE CIRCLE, and more. You won’t be disappointed at all!

Full Playlist


TWICE “Likey”


Minah “11°”


Gavy NJ “You said you were happy”


Lucid Fall “Salut”




Jong Shin Yoon “I Am You”


Super Junior “One More Chance”


BeatBurger “Monster”


Seorin Choi “Who First”


Deletis & Sayah “I’m Fine”


WH3N “Something That You Left”


Yoon Gun “Only We Know…”




Juniel “I Drink Alone”


N.Flying “Lonely”


Sung Si Kyung “Holding On To You”


The Rose “Like We Used To”


SOMA “In My Phone”


Stella Jang Feat. Oltii “Cheerleader”


J.Lee & Netherlands Tulip Farm “Leaving Seoul”


Nieah “Baby”


VAV “She’s Mine”


Today’s Hot Song “Eiffel Tower Effect”


Hyeongseop X Euiwoong “It Will Be Good”


HiNi “이만큼”


Lee Geon Yul “Come To Me”


Eddy Kim “Bet On Me”


Joonil Jung “I Like”




Crucial Star Feat. BrotherSu “Send Me”


Muzie Feat. XQ, 빠나나, 제이블랙, 제이핑크 “Sindorim”


J_ust “어른이 된 걸까요”


Nick & Sammy “Without You”


JINBO Feat. Chancellor “My Love By My Side”