K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 11/30/19

22 music videos this week featuring the some fantastic new music from Sandy, J.Y. Park, Dynamic Duo, AOA, TXT, EXO, Reddy, and more! Since it is past Thanksgiving, we also have the first Christmas related song of the season from CSVC. Lesser known artists to check out are Ashmute, C on Bin, eunoo, and Swan.

Full Playlist


Sandy Feat. VINXEN “Spark”


C on Bin “Sometimes Fall In Love”


HUI & KINO “La Di Da”


KayLa “Closer”


Muzie “Apologize”


Swan “Not Fine”


AOA “Come See Me”


Dynamic Duo Feat. PENOMECO “MSG”


BOL4, WH3N “New York”


Kim Yuna “WBWY”


EXO “Obsession”


CSVC “Just 4 U…”


YongYong Feat. ASH ISLAND “Heart mur-mur”


Reddy “Vroom”


Park Boram, Jae Jung Parc “Alone”


SURAN “Wait For You”


Newkidd “COME”


109 Feat. Bleuny “If It’s Not You”


eunoo “Radio”


Ashmute “Blue”


TXT “Angel or Devil”


J.Y. Park Feat. SUPERBEE, BIBI “Fever”