K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 10/24/20

iLLA "널 알기 전에 내가 그리워" MV

26 music videos packed with some big names. So don’t miss out on this week featuring SEVENTEEN, B1A4, MAMAMOO, LOONA, NCT U, Crush, Song Ji Eun, JOOHONEY, and more! Lesser known artists to check out are Motte, MOON, Yebit, and iLLA. Also be on the lookout for my next K-Pop You May Have Missed later this week!

Full Playlist


Sway D, Paloalto, Huckleberry P, jerd & Jowonu “u dunno”




B1A$ “Like A Movie”


LOONA “Why Not?


BCT U “From Home”


Dayday Feat. Verbal Jint “NME’s”


D-CRUNCH “Across The Universe”


MAMAMOO “Dingga”


Crush w/ TAEYEON “놓아줘”


So!YoON! X Phum Viphurit “Wings”




Minseyoung “Like A Boss”


Motte “Rocket”


MOON Feat. Zion.T “Walk In The Night”


AleXa “Revolution”




If Enough “Surrender”




Song Ji Eun “BLOOM”


Yebit “Being Someone’s Mind”


IKYO x The o2 X otter “3000”


Moonbit “Over the moonlight”


ILLA “널 알기 전에 내가 그리워”


Gwangil Jo “Dark Adaptation”


KIRIN Feat. Plastic Kid “Sachi”


Wooks “Take It Off”