K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 08/17/19

21 music videos this week featuring some truly great new music from some of my favorites. We have new music from  Weki Meki, Bizzy, Simon Dominic, SHAUN, and Pink Fantasy. After Weki Meki’s disappointing last single, I was really happy to hear the new one. It brings back what I love about this group, and it is super catchy. And as always, the lesser known artists to check out are Robbin, Aaqa, LIMHARA, and DamSoNe GongBang.

Full Playlist


Weki Meki “Tiki-Taka (99%)”


Bizzy “Time Machine”


Robbin, 5Joo Feat. Ump “Let’s Go To See The Flowers”


Ja Mezz, Bando Kid, Loky Beatz “Thuna”




ROCOBERRY “Everything About You”


The Rose “RED”


015B, Wyne “Sweet, Melting & Dangerous”


Raiden Feat. Irene “The Only”


Simon Dominic “DAx4”


Sik-K, HAON, pH-1, Woodie Gochild, Jay Park “GIDDY UP”


SHAUN “To Be Loved”


SHAUN “36.5”


JINU Feat. MINO “또또또”


M.O.N.T “대한민국만세”


DamSoNe GongBang “Compass”


Pink Fantasy “Fantasy”


LIMHARA “Mr. Green”


HoooW “Game Over”


HAHOE X MOAI Feat. Futuristic Swaver “어금니”


유세윤 Feat. 양세형 “scissors scissors”