K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 08/03/19

21 music videos this week with some great excellent new music from ITZY, GARY, GIRIBOY, RGP, VERIVERY, and more! Don’t miss out on Tur-V, a hilarious song and video from TURBO and UV, and check out the song Rose by Yoonmirae. I don’t normally include soundtrack songs/videos, but this one is from a very important film, Kim BokDong, about the Korean activist of the same name. She fought for reparations from Japan on behalf of “comfort women” (women forced in to sexual slavery by the Japanese Imperialist Army). This is still a huge fight for those women decades later. I look forward to watching the film myself.  Back to the music side of things, here are the lesser known artists to check out this week. They are OurR, Conut, The Solutions, clouvd, and 1415.

Full Playlist




Doorlesshouse “Nighttime Walk”


Z-Girls “Streets of Gold”


Jung In “Deep Love”


Young Kay Feat. WH3N, TANGTHEAWESOME “Time Lapse”


The Solutions “In My City”


clovd “Slow Motion”


1415 “Don’t Go Babe (Digging Club Seoul Ver.)”


Bipa Feat. myunDo, 최서현 “Bread”


SE O “View”


EDEN Feat. Heize “Heaven”


Conut “Coin Wash”


RUANN “Beep Beep”


VERIVERY “Tag Tag Tag”


OurR “haaAakkKKK!!!”


D1CE “Wake Up”


RGP Feat. Koonta, M. TySON “Shot Dem”


GARY “Purple Bikini”


GIRIBOY “party is over”


Tur-v “bbaji go (original tempo)”


Yoonmirae “Rose”