K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 07/06/19

This week I bring you 23 music videos you definitely should be watching. Featuring new music from Ailee, Stella Jang, Jay Park, GFRIEND, YounHa, and more. I really want to point out Stella Jang’s song “YOLO”, as she has been one of my favorite artists ever since I heard “Vanishing Paycheck”. If you want to see true talent, definitely check out her video this week. You will not be disappointed. Lesser known artists to check out are Norwegian Wood, Kuny, Street Guns, Triss, and Lofibaby.

Full Playlist


Ailee “Room Shaker”


Stella Jang “YOLO”


Kuny “When I Die”


2S Feat. Wonstein, ChoiLB, dsel “modelwalking”


Punch “Love Me”


Street Guns “Get a Motorcycle With My Guitar”


Choi Jungyoon Feat. 고영배 “시간이 부족해”




SohlHee “He ghosted me”


Jay Park Feat. HAON, Yumdda “All Day (Flex)”


YounHa “On a Rainy Day”


BEN “Thank you for Goodbye”


Triss “Rolly Rolly”


Won Jang “Perrier”


lusty “목말라”


Sung Dam “Rain”


ABRY “Feel like Summer”


Hello Ga-Young “tease me”


Norwegian Wood Feat. 후아유 “#summer night”


eunoo “Uninhabited Island”


Lofibaby “SOS”


DPR CREAM “Color Drive”


Honey Popcorn “De-aeseohsta”