K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 06/29/19

21 music videos in a week that is packed with some amazing new music. I feel like if I had one less song in this playlist, this could easily pass for a monthly 20. Don’t miss this one featuring new music from (G)I-DLE, Chung Ha, BTS, Sulli, Eun Ji Won, LambC, and more. Lesser known artists you should be listening to are Telefonist, Chamsom, EB, and Mokyo.

Full Playlist


(G)-IDLE “Uh-Oh”


Chung Ha “Snapping”


Roof Top “Ugly Face”


C JAMM “Error”


PURPLEBECK “Crystal Ball”


ZELO “Questions”


Telefonist “I Don’t Know”


PK Feat. FANA, DJ Tiz “Like a Blood”


NO:EL Feat. Jhnover, Benzamin “Summer ’19”


Damsonaegongbang “Mangnut2”


Mokyo “I’m an Independent Man”


GMOST “Attraction”


Eui Jin “Insomnia”


Chamsom “Tinkerbell”


SOLE Feat. pH-1 “Lovin’ U”


LambC “Fallin'”


KOLAVO “Just Follow Me”


EB “Your Name”


BTS “Heartbeat”


Sulli “Goblin”


Eun Ji Won Feat. Blue.D “I’m On Fire”