K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 05/30/20

I don’t know what to properly write here given this past week’s (hell, maybe even 2020 as a whole so far) events, but know through everything it is okay to take a break and unwind. Step away from things to relax and regroup. I don’t expect this post to be that for everyone, or even anyone else, but just for about an hour or so today it was that for me. So if this post can help even one other person find a short period of relief, that is enough.

There are 21 music videos this week featuring MINZY, MONSTA X, Tiger JK, ONEWE, Chung Ha, BAEKHYUN, and more. Lesser known artists to check out are Zenah G.Roovy, Choi Cello, Sunjin, and Conut.

Full Playlist






Jvcki Wai, Coogie, Paloalto, The Quiett, Bassagong “Fadeaway”




Swervy Feat. Captain Rock “Blue”


Master Class, YooSoo “I Lost Control”


Zenah G.Roovy “I’d like to”


Loopy Feat. pH-1 “GO! SHOPPING!”


Kim Woo Seok “Red Moon”


Conut “Today I Look At The Sky”


Choi Cello “BLUE”


ONEWE “End of Spring”


Tiger JK Feat. twlv “kiss kiss bang bang”


Park Ji Hoon “Wing”


CHEEZE “Today’s mood”


Im DAI “넌 나 아냐”


Punch Feat. Moon Byul “Say Yes”


Roy Kim “Linger On”


Sunjin “Click”


Lee Jin Ah “Dangerous Dream”


Chung Ha Feat. pH-1 “My Friend”