K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 05/18/19

45 Music Videos this week featuring some major comebacks. We have brand new music from EXID, Drunken Tiger, Ladies’ Code, Bobby Kim, LambC, Weki Meki and more! This is definitely the strongest week for music this May. Lesser known artists to check out are BIBI, dosii, 오안, Motte, and AGER. Also this will probably be the last week of just a huge compilation of nearly everything that released, as I plan on being more selective on the music I showcase. I feel like the meaning behind this weekly post has been lost as I haven’t been really vetting all the music enough to make sure everything is stuff you should actually be watching. Feel free to let me know if you think this is a good change or not.

Full Playlist




Ladies’ Code “Feedback”




Bobby Kim “Why?”


Drunken Tiger Feat. Yoon Mirae “I Love You Too”


LambC “Boston”


LambC “Four Seasons”




LoF! Feat. Kim Eun Bi “Washed”


D END Feat. June Tiger “Dear My Thirty”


Slou.D “In Spring”


lockersbeen “bff (best friends forever)”


1/N “A Bloom At Midnight”


ONEWE “Reminisce About All”


ONEWE “Ring On My Ears”


ONEWE “0&4”


HAN DAMHEE “Moonlight Love Song”


MC SNIPER “elevator”


MC SNIPER Feat. Rachael Yamagata “Night Flight”


Mommy Son, ZiorPark, Wonstein, Kim Seung Min “NOISE”


WALWARI “오빠 바람났다”


오빠야문열어딸기사왔어 “123456”


Standing Egg “Good Night (Healing song)”


Weki Meki “Picky Picky”


Ji Dong Kuk “Every Single Lie”


015B, Fil “325km”


KONA Feat. SUMIN “jamais vu”


AGER “Pink Porsche”


Platform Stereo “Silk”


Yoon Jong Shin “New York”


PLZY “SomeTimes”


MaseWonder “BANG!”


Loude “Weight”


Kim Jinho “Mom In The Garden”


KIM KYUNG HO “First Love”


Kyle Q “Regretful”


C JAMM Feat. Yescoba “Cocaine Love”


SOYOU X OVAN “Rain Drop”


dosii “Goyeol”


KlaFF “The Dreamer”


VagaVondz “다시전화해”




DAVICHI “Unspoken Words”




오안, Motte “이기적이고 싶어”