K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 04/22/17

Today marks the return of my weekly K-Pop post. There is a really good and large selection of music for the week of 04/16 – 04/22/17. There isn’t a song below I’d skip. I hope everyone enjoys as I start getting back in to the true groove of my old posting habits!

Full Playlist


IU Feat. G-Dragon “Palette”


APink “Always”


Kisum Feat. Gilgubonggu “Sleep Tight”


Hyolyn, Changmo “Blue Moon”


Junggigo “Across The Universe”


Minzy Feat. Flowsik “니나노”


HA:TFELT, Ye Eun, Suran “Cross Country”


DIA “Will You Go Out With Me”


Berry Good “BibbidiBobbidiBoo”


DINDIN “Super Super Lonely”


Ra.D “Day Off”


Lee Hae Ri “Hate That I Miss You”


Bonusbaby “If I Become An Adult”


Chung Ha “Week”


Kim YoungChul, Hong Jin Young “Ring Ring”