K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 04/06/19

48 new music videos this week with some major names coming back this week. We have the latest from BLACKPINK, BOL4, LambC, IZ*ONE, and a hip hop track that is pure fire  by Paloalto, Swervy, 조원우, Huckleberry P. Lesser known artists to check out this week are LEEVIAN, D:amant, Son A Reum, and Clockwork.

Full Playlist


BLACKPINK “Kill This Love”


Paloalto, Swervy, 조원우, Huckleberry P “Hi-Lite Sign”


BOL4 “Bom”


BOL4 “Stars Over Me”


LambC “Treat You Right”


Rick Bridges “SON”


LEEVIAN “Just Spring”




JUNNY “Feat. Paloalto “For The Weekend”


Oh Heejung “Yop”


Jae seong “Wonderful”


D:amant “I Don’t Have IPhone only”


Jersey brother Feat. LEE&REE “Moon Light Girl”


Circus100 “나의 안부”


Kang Myung Bo “Lovely Memories”


Tommy Strate “My Type Of”


#GUN “Aquarium”


IZ*ONE “Violeta”


mamedeun “보이저 1호”


seizetheday Feat. ADDNINE “Come hug me”


Shin WonHo “Time”


HEATH “A Traveler”


Lee Seok Hoon “What If”


NUZ Feat. Kim Oki “Time”


MaRiA “너 없으면 엉망진창”


Jhnovr Feat. #GUN, King Sushi “Slot Machine”


Jung Dae Hyun “You’re My”


Maddox “But Maybe”




Yoon Jiyoung “wwwe”


Nevada51 Feat. Purple J “Sun”


Son A Reum “Let You Go”


Son A Reum “Lazy”


Kang Xiwon “Click Click”


Double K, V-Hawk “ZOMBIE”


Gemstone “Meeting You”


Loopy&nafla “Ice King”


LeeGiKwang X 1MILLION Feat. Jiselle “Lonely”


AkKE “How Plants Grow”


Blue Mangtto “Don’t get confused”


Clockwork “Space Out”


Ku One Chan Feat. Chang Sukhoon “Dear You”


pH-1 Feat. The Quiett, Mokyo “Malibu”


Supasize, Issac Squab Feat. DJ Schedule 1 “신촌역 8번 출구”


방혁 “강”


방혁 “소풍”


UV Feat. Joon Park “Fine Dust”