K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 03/30/19

March has been a super busy month, as this week there are 59 music videos to showcase. It’s been so tough, I might do a top 25 playlist to close out the month instead of my normal 20. This week we see the comeback MV for BTS featuring RapMonster, and new music from Stray Kids, Block B BASTARZ, PENTAGON, Heize and more! Lesser known artists you should check out are Oh Si Young, NUVO, Fantamony, and Sundayrest.

Full Playlist


BTS “Persona”


Stray Kids “MIROH”


cjb95 Feat. Easymind “STREET”


소각소각 “너에게 말하고 싶어”


Siwa “Dance With The Sea”


Yoon Jong Shin “Classy”


J BEL “040424”




Oh Si Young “So Pretty”


High School “High Class”


Song I Han “means goodbye”


Vincent Blue “It’s Raining”


Jeong SeWoon “My Ocean”


Jang Pil Soon “Escape”


Block B BASTARZ “From Seoul”


Block B BASTARZ “Help Me”


Pink Fantasy SHY “12시야”


OUWN “Everything”


Fantamony “Fantamony”


Fantamony “Only One For Me”


Sundayrest “Coke & Roller”


Sukhoon Chang “Sukhoon Chang”


O3ohn “Loner”


JBJ95 “Awake”


Park Ji Hoon “L.O.V.E”


PERC%NT “Superhero”




Nevada51 Feat. Gonne Choi “Moon”


E Z Hyoung “Spring Step”


LilyNote “Like Flowers, Like Stars”


The FunCity “Ego”


Mia Feat. PENOMECO “Dear”


1TEAM “Vibe”


CIFIKA Feat. Crush, Woo “Now Or Never”


JTONG “오 직 직 진”




Choi Jungyoon “Nowhere”


솜니도어 “하루”


O.O.O “love, dust”


pH-1 “Like Me”


MINHO “I’m Home”


Heize “No Reason”


DEAN Feat. Sulli, Rad Museum “dayfly”


₩HERE AM I Feat. PUP, Woo Zenius “Your Vibe”




DinoSoul “Rainy Season”


Hot Place “TMI”


머스트비 “벚꽃”


HYNN “The Lonely Bloom Stands Alone”


VIBE “A sad Song”


LEEBADA “1,2,3,4,5”


Yoon Mi Rae “Don’t Forget Me”


Chamsom “closer”


Diana Feat. Keepintouch “Goodnight”


Song Wonsub Feat. Twisted “Sunrays”


Tori Major “Rainy Tokyo”


LeeWoo Feat. HAEBIN “The Different Day”


SOHLHEE Feat. 태일 “Purple”


Rudals “When I look into your eyez”