K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 03/28/20


As we end March with this final batch of songs, I bring upon you 21 music videos to enjoy. This week features some great new music from KISUM, Stray Kids, WINNER, BURSTERS, ONEUS, Park Hye Kyoung, and more! Lesser known artists I recommend to you this week are Owell Mood, CORBYN, and Hae Rin.

Full Playlist


KISUM “primero”


Stray Kids “바보라도 알아”


Owell Mood “Lotion”


HAE RIN “Freak Out”




Trusty “Tell Me More”


Xydo Feat. pH-1 “BETTING”


ONEUS “A Song Written Easily”


Choco And Vanilla “Love Affair”


SLEEPY Feat. Reddy “Flash Light”


YOSEP “A Spring breeze”


Repenteve, Jolly V “What’s Up?”


Park SoEun “Gogangdong”


MY.st “Don’t Know”






BLSG “Starnight”


BURSTERS “Smell The Rot”


Vincent Blue Feat. Verbal Jint “LTNS”


Park Hye Kyoung “RAINBOW”


Han Yo Han Feat. Kid Milli “400km”