K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 03/03/18

Why didn’t J-Hope get the featured spot this week you may wonder. That is because Sandy came out of nowhere and caught me off guard. Teen Swag is such a raw, sick track. Also don’t miss more NCT U, Cheetah, Red Velvet, and some other really good songs this week. Some lesser known highlights are Muzgrain, Mona, KISSES, and Aseul. Set aside some time, as there are 36 videos this week!

Full Playlist


Sandy “Teen Swag”


J-Hope “Daydream”


KISSES “blue lagoon”


NCT U “Baby Don’t Stop”


Mona “Love You”




Noh Seon Teck “The Song of Witness”


Kim Sung Kyu “True Love”


E Hyuk “Come Up To Me Like The Wind”


BOHEME “The Stranger”


Band 88 “Twilight Zone”


Jee Woo Jin “Forgotten”


Marvel.J Feat. New Champ, Olltii “Really”


Yang GuBeom Feat. Jeon SeonJeong “Femme Fatale”


7th Street “니가 필요해”


Boom “Boy Next Door”


SHA SHA “You & Me”


KILLAGRAMZ Feat. MUZIE “Up All Night (Dream On)”


Seo Eun Kwang, NC.A “So Do You”


WJSN “Dreams Come True”


YOYOMI “Who’s That Guy”


MuzGrain “Light”


CHEETAH “I’ll Be There”


djfriz Feat. MRSHLL, Megan Lee “Dive”


Jeon Soyeon “Idle Song”


Red Velvet “I Just”


Rana Feat. Ella Loponte “Na Na Na”


Lee Aram “Empty (Too Brave To Be Hated)”


Aseul “Always With You”


Ann One “This Ain’t Love”


AZM “Edge”


Alt “마니또”


JooYoung “Dive”


Sungmin “Day Dream”




WHEE JINE “Blessing”