K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 02/29/20

It’s the final weekly post of February and the ever so rare leap year post. Also this is my first post as my website is in the middle of a redesign, so please bear with me and any changes that are still forthcoming. This week we have 22 new music videos featuring MCND, Gaeko, Chung Ha, ELRIS, YOUNHA, RAVI, and more! Lesser known artists this week to check out are Yunsae, Goopy, Susan, Conut, and truly.

Full Playlist


Yunsae “Way To You”


UNVS “Timeless”


Goopy “Say”


9won “Moon Light”


Susan “Forget”


MCND “Ice Age”


YOUNHA Feat. RM “Winter Flower”


Khakii Feat. Paloalto, BRYN, sokodomo “LAZY”




Oneyears “A long time later”


RAVI Feat. Paloalto “ROCKSTAR”


Hate. “Blue.”


Conut “The Day I Paint You”


Kevin Oh “Anytime, Anywhere”


truly “Rosera Amadeus”


Gaeko Feat. Heize “Cold”


Kim Na Eun “People”


ELRIS “Jackpot”


As One “February 29th”


GEUNSU Feat. Giovannii “Flower”


CHAI Feat. SAAY “Gimme That”


Chung Ha “Everybody Has”