K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 02/08/20

I’m bringing you 23 music videos this week, and I believe February will be the month of the girl groups, even with BTS’ imminent new album. The week is featuring new music from EVERGLOW, BTS, LOONA, GFRIEND, BVNDIT, iKON, and the debut of cignature. Lesser known artists to check out are NANA, 4LLov, gani, and High Bro.

Full Playlist




BTS “Outro: Ego”


NANA “Am I Violet?”


LOONA “So What”


BIBI “Restless”


g1nger Feat. jeebanoff “T shirts”


GFRIEND “Crossroads”


DKB “Sorry Mama”


ZENE THE ZILLA Feat. KOR KASH, Luka Lavish “S+FEcluber”


cignature “Nun Nu Nan Na”


4LLov Feat. Kim Han Sol “행복한 게 맞나요”


Vince Feat. Zion.T “EMERGENCY”




Platform Stereo “Mercury”


gani Feat. NASON, Kang Dana


iKON “Dive”


Jehee “My Golden Sky”


Hash Swan Feat. JAMIE “Teenage In Closet”




SAAY Feat. Woo “Winter”


High Bro “Good Morning”


BamSooSung “#flower”


Samuel Seo “Coastal Wave”