K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 01/13/18

OH MY GIRL is back, and I’m loving the new song. It’s not my favorite of theirs, but it is really well done and pretty. Block B has returned with a new slower track that is a nice contrast to their usually singles. The one surprise for me this week was Ashmute, as I can’t stop listening to that song and I wouldn’t be surprised to find it as a Top song of this year. I also included TWICE’s latest Japanese single, which is alright, but the video is so meh in my opinion. I hope everyone finds something they love this week, and enjoy!

Full Playlist


OH MY GIRL “Secret Garden”


Ashmute “Ghost”


Block B “Don’t Leave”


Yun Seokcheol & Echae Kang “Passing”


Up That Brown “What Is It”


Stray Kids “Grrr”


Jeongmilla “그런날”


TSUN Feat. YUMDDA “Refresh”


CHEETAH “Stagger”


LONG:D “The Girl From Back Then”


Jang Woo Young “Going Going”




JO KWON “Lonely”


Eom Ji Hee “Love You”


Weki Meki “Butterfly”


Kim Dong Ryul “Reply”

Ahn Seung Hun “PINK WHALE”


V.E.I.L “20th Century”


TWICE “Candy Pop” [J-Pop]