G-Nitro’s Top 50 K-Pop Songs of 2009

9 members of Girls' Generation are standing on pedestals in a storefront display window posing like mannequins.

K-Pop music videos from the year 2009 have been finally compiled and ranked, but I ran in to one major issue. I’m not sure how much everyone read the 2010 post, but I stated it wasn’t the strongest 100 songs, but it definitely was a strong Top 50. Going through 2009’s songs I came to realize if I put out a Top 100, it wasn’t going to be strong at all. While I could have dropped a solid Top 70 to 75 at best, I made the decision to go with a Top 50. While I miss some good songs, the end result I present to you is a much better playlist from start to finish. This means going forward, all years 2009 and earlier will be a Top 50. 2023 and years forward will still be the regular Top 100. I hope you enjoy 2009, as this list has a lot of great music. I’m especially happy with how the year was in terms of hip hop and ballads.

There is one other thing I must mention, and that is I have left Spotify premium. This means I will only be making YouTube playlists for older years now. I will be making YouTube music playlist for 2023, and if Spotify Free allows it, I will make a Top 100 playlist there.

I will also be making a list below the YouTube embed of all the songs listed out in Text format, so you can find the songs should they ever be removed from YouTube. While this list will not be available immediately on this post, it is something that will be coming soon to this list and all other Top 100/50 posts in the coming month or two.


50. Hwayobi “A Half”
49. Lee Jung Hyun “Crazy”
48. Crying Nut “What the XXXX is ghost doing”
47. Outsider “외톨이”
46. Bobby Kim “사랑..그 놈”
45. Secret “I Want You Back”
44. U-KISS “만만하니”
43. Lee Hyun Feat. Lim Jeong Hee “30 Minutes Ago”
42. T-ARA “Bo Peep Bo Peep”
41. KARA “Honey”
40. ALi “365”
39. Son Dam Bi “Saturday Night”
38. Wheesung “주르륵”
37. Baek Ji Young “Don’t Forget”
35. Davichi “8282”
34. MC Sniper “마법의 성”
33. CL & Minzy “Please Don’t Go”
32. FTISLAND “Bad Woman”
31. Evia “Hey”
30. IU “Marshmallow”
28. Lessang Feat. Jang Gi ha and Face “Let’s Meet Now”
27. Baek Ji Young Feat. Taecyeon “My Ear’s Candy”
26. After School “AH”
25. Hong Jin Young “사랑의 배터리”
23. Park Bom “YOU AND I”
22. Brown Eyed Girls “Abracadabra”
21. BoA “I Did It For Love”
20. G-Dragon “A BOY”
19. 2NE1 “I DON’T CARE”
18. 4Minute “Muzik”
17. Dynamic Duo “Guilty”
16. After School “DIVA”
15. IU “Boo”
14. BoA “Energetic”
13. Girls’ Generation “Genie”
12. Leessang Feat. JungIn “Champion”
11. f(x) “Chu~♡”
10. KARA “Mister”
9. SHINee “Ring Ding Dong”
8. Park Ji Yoon “Fade Away”
7. Park Hye Kyung “High Heel”
6. 4Minute “Hot Issue”
5. 2NE1 “FIRE”
4. Epik High “Wannabe”
3. Leessang Feat. Jung In “Can’t Breakup Girl, Can’t Breakaway Boy”
2. Drunken Tiger “Monster”
1. Girls’ Generation “Gee”

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