G-Nitro’s Top 100 K-Pop Music Videos of 2021: 20 – 1

While 2021 didn’t quite live up to 2020, I hope the first 80 songs of this year’s Top 100 K-Pop music videos showcased that it was still a great year overall for music. Now we dive in to the best of the best with the Top 20. Number might surprise people, but if you paid attention to my Spotify Wrapped, it really isn’t a shock! So check out the best of the year, and the full YouTube and Spotify playlists are below the number one spot as well!


20. PURPLE KISS “Zombie”


19. AVOKID Feat. Jayci yucca “Hate You”


18. BIBI “The Weekend”


17. RAVI Feat. Chillin Homie, Kid Milli “BUM”


16. EPEX “Lock Down”






13. YUQI “Bonnie & Clyde”


12. meenoi Feat. YUMMDA “W.G.C.”


11. TWICE “The Feels”


10. ROSÉ “Gone”


09. WayV-TEN&YANGYANG “Low Low”


08. BIBI “Eat My Love”


07. Seori “Lovers in the night”


06. YOUHA “Abittipsy”


05. ITZY “In the morning”


04. Epik High Feat. CL, ZICO “Rosario”




02. Stray Kids “Thunderous”


01. woo!ah! “I Don’t Miss U”

Full Playlists:






Don’t forget to keep up with my Best Of playlists for 2021. They collect all the monthly playlists, and the Spotify one has extra songs not found in the YouTube version. You can visit my Intro To K-Pop page for the current year’s playlists being compiled, as well as past years Top 100 and other links to discover more K-Pop. Also join my Discord, where you can see the monthly playlists early, and talk K-Pop and other subjects with myself and other awesome people