G-Nitro’s Top 100 K-Pop Music Videos of 2017

It’s time for my final Top 100 revamping. 2017 was my first year of a Top 100 K-Pop music videos, but one that was super rushed the last couple weeks of the year. After I spent a lot of time looking through the list, I realized I was happy with a lot of the music, but not where they were ranked. In the end I think about 15 songs were replaced, and I spent the rest of the time ranking the songs to where they finally sit at now. I am super happy with how this one turned out, and I hope people thoroughly enjoy the Top 100 I put together for 2017.

For now I am done revisiting previous years as I refocus on 2022 and ensuring this year’s Top 100 is the best it can be. I will be returning to years prior in 2023, and will kick off with 2011 once that happens.

Below are both YouTube and Spotify playlists. Be aware that Spotify does not have all songs for streaming, so it is not the complete list that YouTube has.


Don’t forget to keep up with my Best Of playlists for 2022. They collect all the monthly playlists, and the Spotify one has extra songs not found in the YouTube version. You can visit my Intro To K-Pop page for the current year’s playlists being compiled, as well as past years Top 100 and other links to discover more K-Pop. Also join my Discord, where you can see the monthly playlists early, and talk K-Pop and other subjects with myself and other awesome people.