G-Nitro’s Top 100 K-Pop Music Videos of 2016

After I got to enjoy a nice break for a couple months, I hope everyone is ready for another throwback year for Top 100 K-Pop music videos. This time I am bringing you 2016’s Top 100. Similar to 2014 and 2015, 2016 was originally a Top 60 for that year and needed to have a similar revamping and expansion to 100 songs.

After going through nearly 1,000 music videos I am going to be honest here, and admit that this year didn’t meet the quality of years prior. 2016 saw the debuts of BLACKPINK and BOL4 to name a couple, and they each have multiple songs throughout this Top 100. In the end I’m proud of the list I can present to you, as it was the most labor intensive Top 100 I’ve had to put together yet just based on the amount of songs I listened to. Thankfully as I move on to revamp 2017’s Top 100 there won’t be many new songs, and it will be mostly adjusting the rankings from that year. Expect that to be done in September.

Below are both YouTube and Spotify playlists. Be aware that Spotify does not have all songs for streaming, so it is not the complete list that YouTube has.


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