G-Nitro’s Top 100 K-Pop Music Videos of 2014

Over the past month, I’ve spent most of my time focused on the next Top 100 K-Pop Music Videos list to present to everyone. Instead of going back to 2011, I decided to jump ahead to 2014. 2014 was one of my first published end of year playlists. Back then I kind of just tossed together a top 60 instead of 100 songs. I was never truly happy with the amount of songs, or the little amount of time I had spent on putting the list together.

So now instead of tossing a list together in about a week’s time, I spent an entire month grinding this out. Instead of just adding 40 songs at the end of my previous list, I decided to completely revamp it. I took the 60 songs previously, and starting collecting all music videos I could find. I ended up going through over 350 K-Pop music videos. While many songs remain from my Top 60, some are gone, some are nowhere near the spots they used to be, and some just stayed the same. So I hope everyone enjoys the amazing list of K-Pop songs I have compiled from 2014.

Also the playlist includes 101 songs, as I have included the song “I’m Fine Thank You” by LADIES’ CODE. After we tragically lost two members in an accident September 3rd 2014, fans made this song shoot to the top of the charts in honor. I didn’t like the thought of ranking the song due to its meaning, so I am including it at the start in honor of EunB and RiSe.

Below are both YouTube and Spotify playlists. Be aware that Spotify does not have all songs for streaming, so it is not the complete list that YouTube has.


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