G-Nitro’s Top 100 K-Pop Music Videos of 2011

Image shows a Korean women wearing sunglasses and her hair flowing with the wind

After a long break to focus on the 2022 Top 100 playlist, I have spent the last two months delving back in to past years of K-Pop. I have spent way more time than I expected compiling and ranking the Top 100 K-Pop Music Videos of 2011. Honestly its now more becoming Top 100 songs, as not all music videos are available or even online. You’ll notice more stage performances instead of music videos with this playlist. I hope everyone enjoys this list, as it was a fun year. The number one song never changed ranking by the way, as HyunA “Bubble Pop” is one of my favorite songs of all time.

I’ll be immersing myself in to the year 2010 next, you can expect that to be complete by the end of April or early May. The further back I go in to the years of K-Pop, the the more time is necessary to find all the songs that came out those years on the two streaming platforms I use.

Below are both YouTube and Spotify playlists. Be aware that Spotify does not have all songs for streaming, so it is not the complete list that YouTube has.


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