G-Nitro’s Top 100 K-Pop Music Videos of 2010

K-Pop singer leans against a wall in a house while looking off to her right

I am so happy this post is done and I have yet another K-Pop Top 100 ready for everyone to enjoy. I thought 2011 was a tough one to put together, but it seems the further I go back, the harder it is to find legit uploads of the music videos or live performances of songs. Considering I expected this to be done by late April or early May, me being only a little bit late and still making May as a target feels like a triumph. I did my best to verify all these songs are from 2010, but I am not immune to mistakes. That being said, some performances of said songs may be from later years and not 2010 itself. I tried to find the best live performances I could.

So let’s get in to the music, and I truly hope everyone enjoys the music I am presenting in the playlist below. 2010 has some absolute bangers. I don’t think its the strongest Top 100, but the top 50 is another story. It definitely ranks up there as one of the best.

Below are both YouTube and Spotify playlists. Be aware that Spotify does not have all songs for streaming, so it is not the complete list that YouTube has.


100. JQT “알거 없잖아”
99. K.Will Feat. Eun Ji Won “선물”
98. San E Feat. Min “Tasty San”
97. GaIn “Irreversible”
96. Mighty Mouth & Baek Ji Young “Will Love Come”
95. Rainbow “Mach”
94. Seo In Young “Written as love sung as pain”
93. Secret “Magic”
92. 2AM “잘못했어”
91. SS501 “Love Ya”
90. Park Hyo Shin “I Promise You”
89. Miss S “이나이먹고뭐했길래”
88. Kan MiYoun “Crazy”
87. BEAST “Beautiful”
86. MIJI “Looking for You”
85. Bobby Kim “남자답게”
84. TEEN TOP “박수”
83. Defconn “Dok Go Die”
82. Verbal Jint feat. G.Na “약속해약속해”
80. Kim Bum Soo “Appearance”
79. Standing Egg “La La La”
78. BEAST “Say No”
77. Davichi “Let the time stop”
76. GD&TOP “Baby Good Night”
75. Kim Yoon Ah “Going Home”
74. YB vs RMM “Sneakers”
73. DJ DOC “I’m A Guy Like This”
72. San E “LoveSick”
71. Baek Ji Young “시간이 지나면”
70. BoA “Copy&Paste”
69. Rhythm Power “Rhythm Power”
68. GUMMY “As A Man”
67. T-ARA, Davichi, SeeYa “Wonder Woman”
66. Bobby Kim “외톨이”
65. Rainbow “A”
64. Evia “삐까 Chu~ (Pick Up You)”
63. BEAST “Breath”
62. Lim Jeong Hee “Would never be real”
61. GUMMY “There Is No Love”
60. Secret “Madonna”
59. T-ARA “What’s Wrong?”
58. Electroboyz Feat. Horan “전화가 오네”
57. Oneway “ONE WAY”
56. T.O.P “Turn It Up”
55. Orange Caramel “아잉♡”
54. 2NE1 “Go Away”
53. SHINee “Hello”
52. IU w/ Seulong “Nagging”
51. 2AM “Never let you go”
50. SISTAR “Push Push”
49. Wheesung “Even thought of marriage”
48. T-ARA “You drive me crazy”
47. Orange Caramel “Magic Girl”
46. SUPER JUNIOR “Bonamana”
45. KARA “Jumping”
44. 2NE1 “It Hurts”43
43. FTISLAND “Love Love Love”
42. GD&TOP “High High
41. G.Na Feat. Yong Jun-hyung “I’ll Get Lost, You Go Your Way”
40. Rain “Love Song”
39. Lee Hyori “ChittyChitty BangBang”
38. Chae Yeon “Look Look Look”
37. SISTAR “How Dare You”
36. Homme “밥만 잘 먹더라”
35.CNBLUE “Love”
34. 2AM “You wouldn’t answer my calls”
33. Hwayobi “Bye Bye Bye”
32. 4Minute “HUH (Hit Your Heart)”
30. Kim Jong Kook “Don’t Be Good To Me”
29. Evia “Shake!”
28. After School “BANG!”
27. BoA “Hurricane Venus”
26. GUMMY “Love Recipe”
25.Narsha “삐리빠빠”
24. Girls’ Generation “Oh!”
23. KARA “Lupin”
22. 2AM “Like Crazy”
21.Kim Jong Kook “Can’t Forget”
20. miss A “Breathe”
19. HyunA “Change”
18. Wonder Girls “2 Different Tears”
17. f(x) “NU ABO”
16. CNBLUE ”
15. 4Minute “I My Me Mine”
14. SISTAR “Shady Girl”
13. miss A “Bad Girl, Good Girl”
12. Girls’ Generation “Hoot”
11. 2NE1 “Follow Me”
10. Baek Ji Young “That Woman”
9. Epik High “Run”
8. Lee Jung Hyun ”
7. Supreme Team “Dang Dang Dang”
6. 2NE1 “Clap”
5. Girls’ Generation “Run Devil Run”
4. SHINee “Lucifer”
3. PSY “Right Now”
2. 2NE1 “Can’t Nobody”
1. IU “Good Day”

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