K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 05/04/19

50 new music videos this week. I decided to showcase one of my favorite up and coming bands this week, so make sure to check out SURL. They were a great find last year, and continue to release some great music. We also have new music from THE BOYZ, NU’EST, Zion.T, Golden Child, Gray, and more. Lesser known artists to check out are eunoo, Cherry Coke, GeeGu, and Gardensay.

Full Playlist

SURL “Cilla”

We Are The Night “Bunker”


Broccoli you too “30s”

AM:MODE “어렵겠지만 의미 있는 기다림”

THE BOYZ “Bloom Bloom”

PERC%NT Feat. SUMIN “Rabbit Hole”

A train to autumn “Spring rain”

109 “Moon”

Bray “TTM”

SPECTRUM “After Party”

YB “Silent Festival”

eunoo “monologue”

Chungwan “some di ya”

Cherry Coke “Wash”


Lee MinHyuk “Always With You”

우디 “아마”

Lim Sang Hyun “그땐 당연했던 너의 모든게 you”

Chancellor Feat. TaeYeon “Angel”

Kim Dong Han “Focus”

Swan “Butterfly”

Choiyeguen “Gorilla”


GeeGu “Moonlight”

Lim Hyun Jung “Love is Coming”


Lewis Feat. LitRiver “Gold”

Ha dong yeon “At Last”

Exist “Whatever”


최현상 “날 울린 당신”

Jang HeeWon Feat. Grizzly “I wish (you liked me), too”

Pretty Brown “Back To You”

Gardensay “Dear My Heart”

Park Bom Feat. WheeIn “4:44”

Golden Child “Spring Again”

Song Hee Ran “You Are Spring”


이혜민 “Late”

Billy Carvin Feat. Red House “Lethe”

Nine9, Dear cloud “San Francisco”

CHEETAH Feat. Chaboom “Flight”

Zion.T, Jinbo, Joe Wonsun “Running”

BOYCOLD Feat. Car The Garden, The Quiett “5 (five)”

Yoon Won “To Me”

YODAYOUNG “A Night Of The Star”

SillyShu “Lee Jung-seob”

SillyShu “Skylover”

JENYER “illusion”

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