K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 05/19/18

There were some great returns this week, and a disappointing one considering the group behind it. DALDA, whom I fell in love with last month is back with another cute song that I am also in love with. We also have great returns by Baechigi, Almeng, KANTO and more. I hate to say it, but the new BTS song is mediocre and lackluster, especially after hearing the album which is good! Anyway, check out these lesser known acts, such as HARUNA, DABDA, Eyedi, Lips-Bite, and Karacin Jr.

Full Playlist


DALDA “Darling”


HARUNA “비오나”


BTS “Fake Love”


Jay Moon “Fire”


YOONA X 이상순 “To You”


방혁 “북두칠성”


G.STA “Time Is Up”


OMAN “Still”


Karacin Jr “STVR”


DABDA “Look of a Dream”


Gift “Goodbye”


THEJOONSOO Feat. Jina Kim “Just Friend”


DOKO “Don’t”


Red Dot “What’s Your Name”


Keem Hyo-Eun “World Is Mine”


ZAKUZI “Squall”


100 “Tik Tak”


Almeng “CHIC SICK”


Lips-Bite Feat. Go Soo Young “Wedding The Bright”


Aurorasting “The Box”


Paul Kim “Additional”




KANTO “Salty”


Eyedi “Luv Highway”




VINXEN Feat. OVAN, HAON “Dark Adaptation”


Baechigi Feat. Babylon “DO More”




하현곤 팩토리 Feat. 채원 “펑펑 울었어”


Yoon Jong Shin “Frame”






Kwak JinEon “A Walk Together”


KLROCK “Lamb of Fire”


PLT “Hocus Pocus”


MET “The Ordinary Life”


GB9, Park Bo Ram “If you”


소녀주의보 “키다리아저씨”


Eluphant “welcome”


UNI.T “No More”


AK Project “The Past”

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