G-Nitro’s Top 100 K-Pop Music Videos of 2012

After I kicked off revisiting past years of K-Pop with my Top 100 K-Pop Music Videos of 2013 last November, I knew I had to at least do 2012 next. The reason being was how amazing of a year it was, and yet I didn’t fully understand the extent of the quality until I had over 250 music videos in an initial playlist. I spent 2 months whittling down the number to 100 exactly, and then spent the last 2 weeks plus just getting the order perfect. I am just ecstatic at how great this list is, and I hope everyone who checks it out shares my enthusiasm and enjoys it just as much.

A quick note before you check out the playlist below. I will be going through years 2014 through 2017, which I already have playlists for. I never put the amount of work in to those like I do my newer lists, so expect more songs for most of the years, and new ordering of music and maybe even some disappearing. I plan on 2014 to be out sometime in May. Until then, enjoy 2012!

Below are both YouTube and Spotify playlists. Be aware that Spotify does not have all songs for streaming, so it is not the complete list that YouTube has.


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