G-Nitro’s Top 60 K-Pop Songs/Videos of 2016: 60 – 41

It’s time for my yearly chart of the Top 60 K-Pop songs of 2016, and this was an excellent year. Some artists were so hot this year, they had two or even three appearances on the Top 60. This is the first third of the songs, with the next two thirds to quickly follow, as well as a full playlist of all 60 songs in the Songs 20 – 1 post. Leave your comments about your favorite songs of the year, or come join my discord, G-Nitro’s Beer Garden and discuss it with me and others in the Music Channel! I really hope you enjoy another great year of K-Pop like I have.

60. LABOUM “Shooting Love”

59. Heize Feat. DEAN, DJ Friz “And July”

58. Skull & HaHa Feat. Stephen Marley “Love Inside”

57. Kisum “2 BEER”

56. San E, Raina “Sugar And Me”

55. Taeyeon “11:11”

54. ANDA “Like family”

53. Shinee “Tell Me What To Do”

52. Mamamoo “Decalcomanie”

51. Uhm Jung Hwa “Dreamer”

50. HyunA “How’s This”

49. Grace “Trick or Treat”

48. Ladies’ Code “The Rain”

47. Block B BASTARZ “Make It Rain”

46. K.A.R.D “Oh NaNa”

45. AOA CREAM “I’m Jelly Baby”

44. Blackpink “Playing With Fire”

43. Bulldok “Why Not”

42. Hyoyeon X Min X Jo Kwon feat. JYP “Born To Be Wild”

41. Bolppalgan Puberty “싸운날”

Top Songs 40 – 21

Top Songs 20 – 1