G-Nitro’s Top 60 K-Pop Songs/Videos of 2016: 40 – 21

Here is the second third of my Top 60. Keep an eye out for the last part in which I list my Top 20, and include a full playlist of all 60 songs! Leave your comments about your favorite songs of the year, or come join my discord, G-Nitro’s Beer Garden and discuss it with me and others in the Music Channel! I really hope you enjoy another great year of K-Pop like I have.

40. ZICO “I Am You, You Are Me”

39. Jessi‚ Microdot‚ Dumbfoundead‚ Lyricks “K.B.B (가위바위보)”

38. Baek A Yeon “so-so”

37. Tymee “Cinderella”

36. Yoonmirae “JamCome On Baby”

35. Suzy, Baekhyun “Dream”

34. GFriend “Navillera”

33. TWICE “Cheer Up”

32. BTS “Blood Sweat & Tears”

31. Fiestar “Mirror”

30. Ailee Feat. Yoonmirae “Home”

29. 4Minute “Hate”

28. ZICO Feat. Crush, Dean “Bermuda Triangle”

27. I.O.I “Very Very Very”

26. Beenzino “Time Travel”

25. SISTAR “I Like That”

24. AOA “Confused”

23. Puer Kim “Pearls”

22. NCT 127 “Fire Truck”

21. Akdong Musician (AKMU) “Re-Bye”

Top Songs 60 – 41

Top Songs 20 – 1