G-Nitro’s Top 60 K-Pop Songs/Videos of 2016: 20 – 1

Finally at the Top 20 and it’s another great showcase of the very best. I had a lot of fun, and plenty of stress, getting the entire 60 songs chosen and the order that sat well for me. Just a reminder, but this list is based on my personal preference and how much I listened and enjoyed the songs presented. Check out the entire 60 song playlist at the bottom of this post! Leave your comments about your favorite songs of the year, or come join my discord, G-Nitro’s Beer Garden and discuss it with me and others in the Music Channel! I really hope you enjoy another great year of K-Pop like I have.

20. Crayon Pop “Doo Doom Chit”

19. Big Bang “FXXK IT”

18. Red Velvet “Russian Roulette”

17. EXID “L.I.E”

16. Mamamoo “Taller Than You”

15. Lee Hi “Hold My Hand”

14. Blackpink “Boombayah”

13. Hong Jin Young “Thumb Up”

12. Hyoseong “Find me”

11. Bumkey Feat. Dok2, Microdot, Sanchez, dh-style “backindadayz”

10. Wonder Girls “Why So Lonely”

09. Bolppalgan Puberty “좋다고 말해”

08. TWICE “TT”

07. Jay Park Feat. Hoody, Loco “All I Wanna Do”

06. Akdong Musician (AKMU) “How People Move”

05. CL “Lifted”

04. AOA “Good Luck”

03. Oh My Girl “Liar Liar”

02. Mamamoo “You’re The Best”

01. Blackpink “Whistle”

Top Songs 60 – 41

Top Songs 40 – 21

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