G-Nitro’s Top 60 K-Pop Songs/Videos of 2014: 20 – 1

This is it, the Top 20 best K-Pop songs/videos of 2014. I hope everyone has enjoyed songs 60-21, but let’s get down to what everyone has been waiting for. The number one song might surprise some, but anyone who is a fan of the duo will know how good they are. I listened to that song non-stop, and always hit repeat at least once when it came on in my iPod. So enjoy these 20 songs, and don’t forget to look at the other 40 if you missed. Here’s to what was a fantastic 2014, and I look forward to a superb 2015. As always, support the artists you love.

20. Gaeko Feat. Zion.T, HAT:FELT “No Make Up”

19. Girl’s Day “Something”

18. SPICA “You Don’t Love Me”

17. IU “My Old Story”

16. SISTAR “Touch My Body”

15. Hong Jin Young “Cheer Up”

14. B1A4 “Solo Day”

13. Block B “Jackpot”

12. San E, Raina “A midsummer night’s sweetness”

11. 4Minute “Whatcha Doin’ Today”

10. Jun Hyosung “Good-Night Kiss”

09. Redchair “새해가 밝았어요”

08. Rhythm Power “Game of Thrones”

07. Ladies’ Code “Kiss Kiss”

06. TVXQ “Something”

05. Sunmi “Full Moon”

04. APink “Mr. Chu”

03.  Crayon Pop “Uh-ee”

02. HyunA “Red”

01. Akdong Musician (AKMU) “200%”

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