G-Nitro’s Top 20 K-Pop Songs/Videos of 2013

It is that time of the year where everyone puts together Top (Insert Number Here) lists, and I am no different. I am kicking things off this Christmas Day with a K-Pop Top 20 list. This was a very difficult list to put together as I was making changes even down to right before I wrote this introduction. These are my favorite songs I absolutely love, and probably played way too often around people who could care less about K-Pop. Lim Kim not only has two songs on my top 20, but she could have easily had four or more. Her music is fantastic and I highly recommend everyone check her out.  Enjoy the list, and let me know what your favorite songs froms 2013 were in the comments.

20. Lee Jung Hyun “V”

19. A Pink “No No No”

18. Block B “Very Good”

17. G-Dragon “Coup D’Etat”

16. Kahi “It’s Me”

15. PSY “Gentleman”

14. Park Ji Yoon “Mr. Lee”

13. EVOL “Get Up”

12. Girls Generation “I Got A Boy”

11. Crayon Pop “Bar Bar Bar”

10. MFBTY “Sweet Dream”

9. CL “The Baddest Female”

8. Lim Kim “Goodbye 20”

7. Ladies’ Code “Pretty Pretty”

6. San E Feat. Verbal Jint & Swings” “Where Did You Sleep?”

5. GLAM “In Front of the Mirror”

4. Lee Hi “Rose”

3. Sistar19 “Gone Not Around Any Longer”

2. HELLOVENUS “Would You Stay For Tea?”

1. Lim Kim “Alright”