G-Nitro’s Top 100 K-Pop Songs/Videos of 2017: 100 – 81

I couldn’t bring myself after the loss of JongHyun to rank “Lonely” on my Top 100. In 2014 I ranked Ladies’ Code after the loss of EunB and Rise, and I never felt right about that decision. So this year I will be paying tribute with his music video before I start the top 100 as a farewell. An amazing talent and person who tried to help and support others with mental illness while suffering his own. I truly hope he found his peace.

Jonghyun Feat. Taeyeon “Lonely”


So here it is folks, the Top 100 songs of 2017. This year has been one of the best years for K-Pop in a long time. I legit stressed out putting this together, and was making changes to it with only days left in the year. So I present to you songs 100 to 81, which in many other years quite possibly would have been ranked much higher. Please look for the final playlist of 100 songs at the end of the songs 20 to 1 post when it is live on January 5th.

100. LOONA/Chuu “Heart Attack”


99. Yang Pa “Trembling”


98. Kassy “Let It Rain”


97. SISTAR “Lonely”


96. HyunA “Babe”


95. Minah “11°”


94.ELRIS “Pow Pow”


93. Han All “Hesitating”


92. Golden Child “Damdadi”


91. TK Feat. Soma “Gone”


90. Weki Meki “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend”


89. San E “What If”


88. Luna, Hani, Solar “Honey Bee”


87. Sanchez Feat. Beenzino “5 More Minutes”


86. INA “Love Doll”


85. SEVENTEEN “Clap”


84. TWICE “Heart Shaker”


83. Baek A Yeon Feat. The Barberettes “Sweet Lies”


82.LOONA/Odd Eye Circle “Girl Front”


81. LONG:D Feat. Kim Doyeon “All Night”