Dreamcatcher "Red Sun"

G-Nitro’s Top 100 K-Pop Music Videos of 2020: 100 – 81

2020 has been a hell of a year for everyone. Super stressful all around the world, but there has been one outlet for me this year that stood above all. There is no denying my love for K-Pop, but I didn’t expect the insane amount of quality songs that dropped this year. January started off pretty slow, then February hit and the flood of amazing music never ceased. I racked my brain all year to put together this Top 100. After all the stress and insane amount of hours I put in, this is my best Top 100 to date. I really hope everyone enjoys what I have compiled this year.

As this is day one, let’s kick of with songs 100 – 81. Unfortunately some channels have tagged videos as age restricted, so you’ll need to watch them on YouTube. Look for 20 more songs each additional day until the Top 20 is released. The Top 20 post will also feature the full YouTube and Spotify playlist of all songs.


100. JK Kim Dong Uk “ROLEPLAY”


99. Luci Gang “BEEF”


98. 3YE “YESSIR”


97. BamSooSung “#flower”


96. Nieah “Good Trip”


95. Summer Soul Feat. JUSTHIS “Tinder”


94. AleXa “Do Or Die”




92. cignature “ASSA”


91. Jamie Feat. CHANGMO “Numbers”


90. HA:TFELT “La Luna”




88. Lee hye “Erase you”


87. fromis_9 “Feel Good (SECRET CODE)”


86. Yunsae “Way To You”




84. Stray Kids “Easy”


83. (G)I-DLE “DUMDi DUMDi”




81. Dreamcatcher “Red Sun”