G-Nitro’s Top 100 K-Pop Music Videos of 2019: 100 – 81

I’ve been anticipating this moment for so long now, that I’m now super nervous about putting this list out there. Similar to 2018, I have spent all of 2019 ensuring my Top 100 is being compiled and constantly changed through out the year. I especially feel like this year I put in more time than I ever have, so I truly hope you the viewers/listeners can appreciate and enjoy the music I’ve put together for you. Before I kick off the first twenty songs of the 2019 Top 100, I unfortunately had to leave some songs off due to not being available on Spotify. My goal is to make sure you can enjoy the videos, as well as just the music when on the go. I also hope you like the Spotify playlist art that I had commissioned of my original character, Sati Kim. So let’s kick off this list and start enjoying the amazing K-Pop 2019 had to offer.

100. DAMOIM X DF FILM “중2병”


99. Grizzly, Chung Ha “Run”


98. IZ*ONE “Violeta”


97. Panda Gomm Feat. Summer Soul, Junggigo “새침데기”


96. Eun Ji Won Feat. Blue.D “I’m On Fire”


95. C on Bin “Sometimes Fall In Love”


94. Rocket Punch “BIM BAM BUM”


93. Leenzy “KiD”


92. Mommy Son, Ziorpark, Wonstein, Kim Seung Min “Noise”


91. Lulileela “Fantasy”


90. BVNDIT “Hocus Pocus”


89. Vincent “Burn It All”


88. LEES2UN “Rainbow”


87. XBF Feat. G2 “Why”


86. Yerin Baek “Suddenly (Digging Club Seoul Ver.)”


85. Swan “Butterfly”


84. Rothy “BEE”


83. PENTAGON “Humph”


82. Oh Ki Ppeum “Maybe I”


81. EVERGLOW “Bon Bon Chocolat”