G-Nitro’s Top 100 K-Pop Music Videos of 2018: 100 – 81

It is time to drop my Top 100 of 2018. Unlike previous years, I have spent my entire year cataloguing my favorites songs each month and continuing to listen and find any I may have missed. In the end, this has been the most time I’ve ever spent on compiling my end of year list, and it was a constant struggle. As many may have seen on my social media and discord, I had to leave out a lot of wonderful songs from this list. I can say after going over this Top 100 multiple times this month, and maneuvering song order around, this best represents my love for K-Pop with only my absolute favorite songs. I truly hope you enjoy this list as much as I have putting it together. 2018 was a great year for me in K-Pop as I made some new truly great friends, connected deeper with others, got to see Baek Ji Young and Turbo in concert, and got to meet Amber of f(x) and also see her perform live. Enough chat, ON TO THE FIRST TWENTY SONGS!


100. Hyolyn “See Sea”


99. APRIL “Oh! my mistake”


98. KOLAVO “Salaryman”


97. Standing Egg “S.C.H(small but certain happiness”


96. KHAN “I’m Your Girl?”


95. Leebada “Crush on you”


94. VAV “Senorita”


93. Primary, Anda “Zeppelin”


92. iKON “Killing Me”


91. Eyedi “Caffeine”


90. Red Velvet “Power Up”


89. LambC Feat. Se.A “Turnin'”


88. TVXQ! “The Chance of Love”


87. Heize Feat. Gaeko “Jenga”


86. Junoflo Feat. BoA “Autopilot”


85. SoJung (Ladies’ Code) “Stay Here”


84. fromis_9 “LOVE BOMB”


83. BoA “Nega Dola”


82. Reddy Feat. Suran “Peach”


81. Koh Na Young “Humming”