Technobabylon Game Review

Really need to apologize for the late posting of this review. It has been complete for well over a month, but I have been distracted by too many other things going on.

Technobabylon is the latest point & click adventure game from Wadjet Eye Games. It is a pretty standard futuristic cyberpunk setting in which the story takes place. You take control of three characters (Charlie, Latha, and Max), as they try to unravel a mystery, deal with the city’s AI (Central) and piece together the truth. Charlie and Max are CEL agents trying to catch a mindjacker, while Latha is trying to determine who is out to kill her.

Technobabylon is a pretty by the book point & click, in which you survey areas, make decisions, and combine items to solve puzzles. Your decisions do affect different future events and conversations, but usually not significantly. Puzzles are usually a case of trial and error with what items can be used together, and I found most to only take a few tries. There were a handful of instances I was left scratching my head, and I was left to consult the provided walkthrough.

Technobabylon maybe a cookie cutter setting in terms of cyberpunk, but it does a really good job setting up the web of intrigue as you progress. My favorite moments came from when you took Lantha in to the Trance, a futuristic internet in which people take form of an avatar to interact with others. While the story is really engrossing, this game truly shines when it comes to the characters. They all have interesting pasts that you get to delve in to as you progress through the story, and I really felt connected to them by the end of the game.

The only complaint I really had with the characters, was the voice acting of the males. They ranges from cringe worthy to laughable. By the end of the game, I was okay with Charlie’s voice, but a lot of his delivery was poorly timed. The one male character that I really enjoyed was Stepford though, as I couldn’t help but laugh every time he said “Oh My, yes.” The female characters in contrast were well acted and fit their characters extremely well, with the maid Chantelle really stealing the show when she was involved. I was only left disappointed they didn’t give her more screen time considering how entertaining she became.

Those familiar with Wadjet Eye Games, will notice the The graphics feature the work of pixel artist Ben Chandler, and brings life to the cyberpunk setting with a nice retro styling. I found myself taking my time in each scene to look at everything I could before moving along with interacting with objects. While everything looked beautiful, the characters walking animation was extremely stiff, which makes them look a bit awkward.

Technobabylon will pull in the player with a well written story, interesting characters, and lovely pixel art. Minor issues don’t hold the game back, and fans of the point & click adventure genre will find plenty to love in this game. I finished the game in shock at the outcome, and definitely look forward to revisiting the game again to see the differences in all the various choices you can make. Do I think this game is worth checking out? I think Stepford would put it best, “Oh My, Yes!”

A review copy steam key was provided to GameEnthus by Wadjet Eye Games. GameEnthus asked me to review it for their site, so I thank Aaron for the opportunity to be featured on there, so please check them out. One playthrough took me 6+ hours. Technobabylon is available from the official website, Steam, and GOG for $14.99.

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