Special Birthday Stream on June 15th 2018

I will be holding a special birthday stream to celebrate my upcoming final year of my 30s on June 15th 2018. Starting around Noon Eastern, I will be kicking off with some Smite, then moving on to other multiplayer games. Friends and viewers will be welcome to join and help me celebrate. Also I will be holding giveaways for free games so I can also provide gifts to those that make streamign so much fun! Now before people get those subs or bits ready, I would love to receive something else instead. What I wish for this birthday is for people to donate to my Extra Life campaign. Below I will be detailing the tier rewards/punishments for each $100 raised up to $300.

Extra Life Goal Tiers:

  • Every $25 raised = a Game code giveaway!
  • $100 Raised: I will drink an Arrogant Bastard Punishment beer
  • $200 Raised: I will drink a Arrogant Bastard Crime beer
  • $300: Raised: I will take part LIVE ON STREAM the Paqui One Chip Challenge with the Carolina Reaper Madness Chip on Friday June 22nd.

You may be wondering what the Arrogant Bastard Crime and Punishment beers are. They are beers aged with various hot peppers, and are not known as being good. I tried them year of release, but have been sitting on 2015 variants for awhile.

As for the Paqui One Chip challenge, you may wonder why a week later? Well I have a huge party with friends at a brewery on the 16th, and I’ve been warned to keep the following day open due to after effects lol.

I hope people come out and help celebrate my birthday by supporting a good cause and causing me pain in various ways!

Possible games to be given away:

Destiny 2, Kerbal Space Program, God Eater 2, AER, Mafia III, and many more.


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