Scholarly Gamer Feature: PAX East 2018: Take a Break and Enjoy Boston!

The gaming masses will be descending upon South Boston in a couple of weeks for PAX East 2018, and I too will be supporting the chaos that takes over the area. Many in attendance care about just experiencing the convention itself and how many games they can play, panels they can attend, or how much swag they can stuff in to their luggage. There is also a large percentage of attendees who like to take a break and escape in to the surrounding area and enjoy what the city has to offer. As someone who has attended PAX East multiple times since 2010, I figured I would throw out some suggestions of things to do while in town that are in easy walking distance or a short Uber/Lyft/Cab ride away.

See the entire article featuring great food spots, places to enjoy awesome beer, tourism spots, and sporting events going on!

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