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Hey all! I know I’ve been basically on a rotation of Week in Review and Weekly K-Pop posts since the new year began, but I plan on changing that soon! First the Otaku in Review podcast has returned with good friend Scott Spaziani and the post on the new episode should up the same day as this one. We won’t be doing weekly as we did when we went on a multiyear hiatus, but instead a once or twice a month show depending on the content.

Two things I also plan on doing more of are video blogs and review of various content. As for video blogging, I plan on testing the waters of a couple different options of content on my Youtube channel. While I don’t have quite the setup for it as many Youtubers who are established, I would like to start laying the groundwork and if I feel comfortable with how it is going upgrade as needed. I hope to producing content for booktube videos, beer reviews, food tasting, and more.

As for review content, I would like to start doing more reviews that aren’t just games from time to time. I am hoping to take Goodreads mini-reviews I do and start expanding on them with breakdowns of cover art, pre-order bonuses I received if I got any, and more. I also want to do “reviews” of more breweries I visit.

This is all stuff in the works, and I plan on doing it all piece meal to not overwhelm myself, but I really want more out of my site than just K-Pop and weekly wrap-ups.  I thank everyone for their support so far with the site, and I hope you all enjoy the new and upcoming content.

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