K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 12/01/18

52 new music videos this week as we kick off December. We have comebacks from MAMAMOO, Red Velvet, Yubin, Loco, Gray, and more! Don’t sleep on these lesser known artists: Boni, Eun Ho, Cloudian, and 2morro.

Full Playlist

MAMAMOO “Wind Flower”

Red Velvet “RBB (Really Bad Boy)”

Loco, GRAY “Late Night”

C-Young “없던일로”

Lof.T “Diary”

Sunhye “Get It”

JUWONTAK “In The Light”

NU’EST W “Help Me”

KEY Feat. Crush “One of Those Nights”

Lovelyz “Lost N Found”


MINO “Fiance”

5Tion “Someone Like You”

새벽두시 “잘 자라고 말해주고 싶었어”

Cloudian “New Vision”

Cloudian “첫사랑 일기”

Joe Aram “Still Hate You”

SWJA “백년해로”

URBAN ZAKAPA “You’re The Reason”


Yubin “Thank You Soooo Much”

god “Snowfall”

2morro “RUN”

Orange Fang Fang Boys “TIRIRi”

The Barcode “Forget Me Not”

14U “N.E.W.S”

Ha Jin Woo “I already know the answer”

Daymood “마주쳐도”

El Rune “Slow Down”

Joe King “Kindergarten Blues”

Laibac “Fly”

Mackoy Feat. Haneul “Phytoncide”

Huh Gak “Empty Words”

BM “Better Myself”

YOYOMI “Is It One?”

Thmoon “Gretel”

Yoon Gun “Just Let Me Go”

DoHwa “오늘 밤 일은”

Rock’N’Roll Radio “The Mist”


Sama-D “Too Much”

from_island “Yongnuni Oreum”

from_island “From Island”

from_island “Walking by the sea”

Boni “Don’t Wake Me”

Boni “2:30 am”

Eun Ho “Fade Out”

Brand Newjiq “Trouble”

Ashmute “Rose”

Dae Hyun “Baby”

Hailey Feat. MYK “Burning”

Amber Feat. LDN Noise “Countdown”

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