K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 11/09/19

20 new music videos in an amazing week of music. We have brand new songs from top talent like (G)-IDLE, HyunA, DAWN, Zion.T, GOT7, HINAPIA, ZICO, Primary, and more! Four of the five HINAPIA members used to be part of PRISTIN, and they dropped an amazing debut this week. Lesser known artists to check out are Lowa, Kolavo, and Vincent.

Full Playlist


(G)-IDLE “Lion”




GOT7 “You Calling My Name”


Lee Jin Hyuk “I Like That”


Vincent “Burn It All”


VICTON “Nostalgic Night”




HyunA “Flower Shower”


DAWN “Money”


Zion.T “May”


1TEAM “Make This”


THE BOYZ “Tattoo”




Lowa ‘Balloon”


RAVI Feat. Sik-K, Xydo “Limitless”


ZICO Feat. Dvwn “Being Left”


ICU “Cupid”


KOLAVO “I Wish Tomorrow Were The Weekend”


Eluphant Feat. Punch “비오네”


Primary Feat. Jade “Bad High”

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