K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 07/13/19

24 brand new music videos for you this week featuring great new music from Heize, Paloalto, NATURE, 1TEAM, LIMITLESS, UHSN, and more! Lesser known artists not to be missed are Platform Stereo, Im DAI, Lulileela, and Ga Eun.

Full Playlist


Heize Feat. Giriboy “We don’t talk together”


Paloalto “It Ain’t Love”


NATURE “I’m So Pretty”


SLO Feat. Jhnovr , pH-1 “Party”


Im DAI “Sun Moon You”


Ha Sung Woon “Blue”


Gavy NJ “See You Again”


Rose Feat. WONDERLUST “good thing”


LIMITLESS “Dream Play”


Lulileela “Dive”


SoRi x Folded Dragons “I Am Not Alone”


CIFIKA Feat. Crush, Woo “now or never”


ARRAN “Puzzle”


Hong Bin, Hyung Won “Cool Love”


Lazy Bone “Tropical Night”


YUKIKA “Cherries Jubiles”


1TEAM “Rolling Rolling”


Loopy&nafla “Chosen”


UHSN “Popsicle”


Platform Stereo “Starfall”


Hwang Khaki Feat. Oskar “Misery”


Lee Gaeun “Remember You”


LIMHARA “Scratch”


Ga Eun Feat. Hash Swan “Snooze”

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