K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 06/30/18

After a couple smaller weeks, we’re back with a larger collection of music videos. We see more SHINee this week, and comebacks from ELRIS, Day 6, a mediocre attempt by MOMOLAND to recapture the success of “Boom Boom”, and an amazing song by Lee Jin Ah! Lesser known artists I have to recommend this week are It’s, NeonPunch, Ki Young Park, and Bok Go Band.

Full Playlist


Lee Jin Ah Feat. GRAY “RUN”


YESEO “Bitches Rule”




JUSTTHIS, Kid Milli, NO:EL, Young B “IndiGO”


Liquor Feat. OLNL “EOY”


BOiTELLO Feat. BiNTAGE “Alarm”


Hyphy Yellaz Feat. Jiyeon “Good Day”


Kyung Dasom “It’s Raining”


SHINee “Our Page”


Amplixx “Break”


Collective Arts, Lee Wonju, Jung Hyeeun “Ourself In Time”


D.Rect Feat. Mabinc “沈潛 (침잠)”


It’s “Sleep”


NU’EST W “Dejavu”


Bosudongcooler “Cotton”


YUMDDA Feat. Dopein “You Are My 12 O’Clock”


Lim JaeHyun, Moon SeongWook “With a smile”


Myung Ji Eun “Fear no more”


Myung Ji Eun “I’m Sorry”


Park Soeun “With Those Eyes”


DAY6 “Shoot Me”


CANDO “Farewell”




Animal Divers “Openwater”




Jvcki Wai, Kid Milli, NO:EL, Young B, Swings “Work Out”


oftn “Sometimes”


MIGYO “Rain Sound”


HANHAE Feat. Dope’Doug “Clip Clop”


SHAUN Feat. OVAN & SUMIN “생각나”


MINUSONE “Heaven At Door”


Crucial Star Feat. Jaeku, Beaver”


GDB “Eggslut”


Bok Go Band “Windy Day”


UNB “Black heart”


ELRIS “Summer Dream”


d.ear “Rain is fallin'”




MELODYDAY “Restless”


Park Sang Don “The place in my heart”


Ki Young Park “Rain Rain Rain”

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