K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 06/22/19

21 music videos this week featuring more amazing music from the K-Pop world. We have new music from Stray Kids, KittiB, Red Velvet, SF9, Yerin Baek, and more! Lesser known artists not to miss out on are Narae Lee, VAN EL, CHAI, and Kim Sawol.

Full Playlist


KittiB “Anymore”


Stray Kids “Side Effects”


WAX “As cold as winter”




Narae Lee “Spiderman”


Bz-Boyz “question”


Summer Soul X Charming Lips “Billionaire”


VAN EL “Everyday”


VAN EL Feat. La.Q “The Ribs”


Bubble X Feat. Hyejin “Daily”


LEO “Romanticism”


Car, The Garden “Memorize Our Night”


YESUNG “Pink Magic”


015B, Jane Jang “Camellia Flower”


Yerin Baek “Suddenly (Digging Club Soul Ver.)


Red Velvet “Zimzalabim”


CHAI Feat. pH-1 “Give and Take”


Basement Claxxic “Stay”


JeA Feat. Cheetah “Dear. Rude”


Kim Sawol “Bloody Wolf”


Bumkey X D Gerrard “Come Back To Me”

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