K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 05/06/17

Apologies on the slight delay of this post, but I was spending my weekend up in NYC. Without further delay, here is the best of K-Pop from the past week. A lot of solid music, and I think VAV’s song was the surprise of this week. I really enjoyed it a lot.


Full Playlist


Triple H “365 Fresh”


Lovelyz “Now, We”


Dok2 Feat. 김효은 “워럽”


SoJung (of Ladies’ Code) “Better Than Me”


Exy, Euna Kim “Love Therapy”


Yong Jun Hyung Feat. Heize “Wonder If”


NiiHWA “Can’t Stop”


Kwon Jin Ah “Fly Away”


VAV “Flower (You)”


G.Urban “I’ll Give It To You”


Han Dong Geun “Crazy”


Dash “Up Down”


SE O “That’s The Way It Is”


O.WHEN “No One Else”


BURSTERS “Dreamer”

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