K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 04/07/18

Sorry for the light delay, as I was in Boston attending PAX East and touring local breweries for a few days. The post is finally here with some great new music. EXID is back with a throwback to some late 90s, early 2000s K-Pop and it is great! OMG Banhana sub-unit is go, and it is super cute. We also have new music from TVXQ, NCT U, PENTAGON and more. Some of the hidden gems this week are D:amant, Honey Be, Yeim, and DALDA. Highly recommend all of them. With another week of 40+ music videos, you should have plenty to keep you going through your day. TWICE is back next post!

Full Playlist




OH MY GIRL BANHANA “Banana Allergy Monkey”


D:amant “SICK”




Gavy NJ “People Said Break It Up”




Summer Soul Feat. TAEK “How Beautiful”


Honey Be “잠 못 드는 밤에”


Sim Hyun Bo Feat. The Ade “Spring, Without You”


Kim Bo Kyung “Night Cherry Blossom”


Jeremy Que$t “Work”






MET “Our Times”




TVXQ! “Love Line”


THE BOYZ “Giddy Up”


Primary, Anda “Zeppelin”


Primary, Anda “Dressroom”


Primary, Anda Feat. 신세하 “월명야 (月明夜)”


Primary, Anda Feat. colde “The open boat”


Jeong Jinwoon “Erasing”


OVAN Feat. Jinsil “Confusion”


BILL STAX Feat. lobonabeat “24K”


CLC “Distance”


Sobae Feat. Exy “Homegirl”


Koh Na Young “This Weekend”


Damiano Feat. Uzuhan “COLORS”


DJ MAD Feat. Icey Blouie “U”


the Night of Seokyo Feat. Dawon “Day”


Basick “The Kid”


Basick Feat. Koonta, Paloalto “Microphone Checker (MC)”


Flowsik X Jessi “Wet”


Kabo “Average”


Nero “Anger”


DALDA “Yes! It’s You”




Choi Jungyoon “Desire”


TEN “New Heroes”


Park Bo Ram Feat. Lil Boi “Please, Stop Me”


Yeim “Meet me at the corner”

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