K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 03/23/19

61 music videos this week featuring a lot of great comebacks. TAEYEON, MOMOLAND, DIA, VAV, Heize, Yerin Baek, and more are returning with new music. Lesser known artists include the wonderful NANA, who is featured this week, plus check out these other ones like Shafla, Hyunjoon Lee, YOYOMI, and Jindalrae Band.

Full Playlist

NANA “night picnic”

Dasutt “Photograph”

OurR “Swing”

415 “Take Me There”

The T-Bird “ROCK STAR”

SOMA “Zebra + My Captain”

Hwahyun “Every Night”

THREE1989 “Universe”

서기, 로맨 “같은 시간, 같은 공간”

Masa2 “동네인트로”

The Bowls “COSMOS”

SeYoung “Winter Rain”

SangMin “24hrs”

Everglow “Bon Bon Chocolate”

Yerin Baek “Maybe It’s Not Our Fault”

Louie Feat. KEMBETWA, Mckdaddy “Saiko”

Shafla “You’ve changed”

LeeGiKwang Feat. Kid Milli “Don’t Close Your Eyes”

blent Feat. Kim Sawol “no words”

Gummy “Alone”

VAV “Thrilla Killa”

Estell “명덕 네거리”

Heize “She’s Fine”

Jeong SeWoon Feat. PENOMECO “Feeling”


RAVI Feat. Cold Bay “See-Through”

KIND, HA DONG QN, Double K “Beautiful”

THAMA “Sing It”

GWSN “Growing ~ For Groo”

ZIA “If I were also a Man”


moi “Doran Doran”


Han “Outxide”

24 Flakko Feat. G2 “Why”

최소녀 “Romance”

Hyunjoon Lee “LOST LOVE”

Jindalrae Band “사실은…”

Jindalrae Band “우우우”

YonYon, Hitomitoi “Overflow”

Girlkind JK Feat. Tommy Strate “SPLIT”

Leellamarz Feat. Keem Hyo-Eun “Pretty Woman”



Jang beom June “every moment with you”

박주희 “청바지”


gwon.u “well..?”

SURAN Feat. pH-1 “Don’t hang up”

Bam’s Picnic “Another day”

Thmoon “Shade”

Rurida “Dear Daddy”

ASH ISLAND “Paranoid”

ALEPH “Slow Dance”

TAEYEON “Four Seasons”

Lee Juck “Numbers”

Cosmic Boy Feat. GIRIBOY, THAMA “About Time”

SBGB “Night Mood”

UNEDUCATED KID Feat. Okasian “지금”

KwonTree “Sea Only We Know”

YOYOMI “Please Hold Me Tight”

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